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Wine Regions

Khao Yai Valley, Thailand - Episode #30

Khao Yai Valley, located approximately 150 kilometers northeast of Bangkok, is traditionally known as the birthplace of Thailand’s modern wine industry.

Wine Regions

Burgenland, Austria - Episode #26

Burgenland is one of Austria’s four main wine regions, located about an hour from Vienna in the easternmost part of the country. Listen to this episode to know more about the Burgenland Wine Region of Austria.

Wine Regions

Nahe, Germany - Episode #25

The Nahe wine region is one of Germany’s 13 wine regions, known primarily for its Riesling grape varietals. In fact, Riesling now accounts for 27.2% of all wine produced in the Nahe region. Listen to this episode to know more about the Nahe wine region of Germany.

Wine Regions

Wurttemberg, Germany - Episode #24

Located in southwestern Germany, Württemberg is officially part of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. Listen to this episode to know more about the Wurttemberg wine region of Germany.

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Discovering the Terroir of a New Wine Region

As the mighty Eel River winds throughout Humboldt County in Northern California, it experiences the nuances of microclimates from the mountains to the coast. Pockets of warmth, steep ridges, rocky slopes, cool valleys, and coastal fog provide unique vineyard areas to produce an array of Pinot Noir styles.

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