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Stock this malbec: 2016 Cuvelier Los Andes / Malbec

Photo for: Stock this malbec: 2016 Cuvelier Los Andes / Malbec

19/02/2021 This malbec has been selected by sommeliers for sommeliers

Sommelier Business brings you the ‘Stock this Wine series for 2021’. As we reopen our restaurants and come out of the coronavirus pandemic, sommeliers are encouraged to check this wine and add it to their wine menus as and when the on-premise business bounces back.

This wine has been selected by sommeliers for sommeliers using this judging process. The most important questions that sommeliers were attempting to answer while reviewing this wine was: “Would we stock this wine?” and “Would the consumer buy a second glass of this wine?”.

Details about this wine:

Cuvelier Los Andes / Malbec

Cuvelier Los Andes / Malbec

2016 Cuvelier Los Andes / Malbec, Source: Sommeliers Choice Awards

Review from the 2020 Sommeliers Choice Awards:

Points Scored: 97 points
Medal won: Double Gold 

Tasting Notes:

Ripe black fruit is the main aroma of this wine. Complexity is on the palate. Notes of cocoa nib, ripe blackberry.

Download Shelf Talker

Cuvelier Los Andes / Malbec Shelf Talker

2016 Cuvelier Los Andes / Malbec Shelf Talker, Source: Sommeliers Choice Awards

Supplier Contact:

You can contact Cuvelier Los Andes for samples and pricing.

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