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Top Importers Of French Wines In The U.S.

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01/05/2024 Connecting America’s wine community with France’s finest, exploring exclusive French wine importers shaping the U.S. French wine market.

French wine holds a prestigious status in the global market, renowned for its rich history, diverse terroirs, and exceptional quality. In the United States, the demand for French wines continues to soar, with consumers seeking out both classic appellations and innovative blends. According to TradeImex, the US emerged as the top spot for wine imports in 2023 with a total import value of $6.97 billion. Behind this flourishing market are the top French wine importers, who play a pivotal role in bringing the essence of France's vineyards to American wine enthusiasts. The relationship between France and the United States has long been intertwined with a shared appreciation for wine. From the days of Thomas Jefferson, who famously imported French vines to plant at Monticello, to the modern era of global trade and cultural exchange, French wine has held a special place in the American psyche. Today, as the US emerges as one of the world's largest wine markets, the role of French wine importers has never been more crucial in satisfying the demand for quality and authenticity. These importers act as ambassadors for the diverse tapestry of French winemaking, sourcing wines from renowned appellations like Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, and beyond. Let's take a look at some of these esteemed importers and explore their contributions to the thriving US wine industry.

Source: Château Pontet-Canet

French Wine USA:

French Wine Imports & Wholesale Corp., based in New York, is the premier importer of French wines from renowned regions such as Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, and beyond with labels like Château Pontet-Canet from Bordeaux, Bernard Robert from Champagne, and Vincent Bachelet from Burgundy. Their extensive portfolio includes a selection of premium wine, spirits, and organic tonics. With a dedicated team of sommeliers, they visit winemakers in France to source the finest white, red, and rosé wines directly from the vineyards. In New York, their commercial team provides personalized tastings at restaurants, bars, retail stores, and liquor stores, introducing customers to their exceptional selection.

Cynthia Hurley:

Cynthia Hurley French Wines, founded in 1984 by Cynthia and Robert Hurley, is a testament to their passion for French Bordeaux and dedication to showcasing undiscovered gems from small family producers. Beginning in New York and New Jersey, the business expanded to include top producers and everyday drinking wines from all over France. Cynthia's vivid descriptions and engaging style captivated followers, leading to rapid growth. Cynthia Hurley French Wines features a selection of small, family-owned estates renowned for crafting high-quality, limited-quantity wines with estates like Domaine Philippe Leclerc from Burgundy, Petitjean-Pienne from Champagne, and Domaine Girard from Loire.

Source: Direct Wine Imports

Direct Wine Imports:

Direct Wine Imports specializes in French wine imports, offering a meticulously curated selection sourced directly from esteemed producers across France. With a focus on authenticity and quality, they partner with family-owned estates and artisanal winemakers who embody the essence of their respective regions. Whether it's a classic Bordeaux blend, a crisp Burgundy Chardonnay, or a vibrant Rhône Valley red, Direct Wine Imports has a diverse portfolio that includes labels like Domaine de Champarlan from Loire Valley, Olivier Tricon from Chablis, Denis Lafon from Bordeaux and many more.

Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant:

For over four decades, Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant has been at the forefront of importing French wines to the US. Founded by legendary wine merchant Kermit Lynch, the company has earned a reputation for its meticulous selection process and dedication to showcasing the terroir-driven wines of France. By fostering direct relationships with growers and vintners, Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant ensures that each bottle tells a unique story of its origins, making it a favorite among wine enthusiasts seeking authenticity and character. Their portfolio includes wines such as Nicolas Maillart, Domaine Follin-Arbelet, Château Thivin, and Catherine & Pierre Breton that exemplify the essence of French terroir through their exceptional profile. 

De Maison Selections:

De Maison Selections emerges as the exclusive importer of exceptional wines, ciders, sherries, and spirits sourced from a family of independent producers in France and Spain. Founded by André Tamers in 1996, the company prides itself on collaborating solely with artisan producers who retain ownership and control over their vineyards and production methods. With a steadfast commitment to quality and sustainability, De Maison partners with producers who epitomize the essence of their appellations, emphasizing respect for the environment, community, and consumers. Notable highlights within their portfolio include Champagne Christian Gosset, Château des Vergers, and Domaine Les Roches Bleues, each representing the pinnacle of their respective disciplines and regions.

Source: Alain Junguenet Selection

Alain Junguenet Selection:

Alain Junguenet Selection, formerly known as Wines of France, Inc., stands as a prominent national importer and distributor of fine wines from France. Established in 1984 by Alain Junguenet, the company boasts a rich legacy of sourcing and showcasing exceptional French wines to discerning enthusiasts across the United States. With a steadfast commitment to quality and authenticity, they collaborate closely with renowned producers such as Jean-Claude Buecher from Alsace, Domaine Rochette from Beaujolais, and Chateau De Cerons from Bordeaux. Through their curated selection, Alain Junguenet Selection invites wine lovers to embark on a journey through the diverse terroirs and esteemed appellations of France, experiencing the essence of French winemaking excellence in every bottle.

As the demand for French wines continues to flourish in the US, the role of top importers cannot be overstated. Through their dedication to quality, authenticity, and innovation, these importers have elevated the French wine experience for American consumers. Moreover, these importers serve as educators and ambassadors, enlightening consumers about the rich tapestry of French terroirs, grape varietals, and winemaking traditions. Through tastings, events, and educational initiatives, they deepen the appreciation for French wines, fostering a deeper connection between consumers and the wines they enjoy. Whether seeking a classic Bordeaux, a crisp Chablis, or an adventurous natural wine, enthusiasts can rely on these importers to deliver excellence in every bottle, enriching the wine culture and palate of the United States. 

Header Image Source: France 24

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