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The Sommelier vs. The Smartphone

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26/02/2019 Managing Guests’ Expectations in the Digital Age.

The connection between buyers and sellers, retailers and consumers do exist since ages, but what has changed is the expectations and we should thank the digital world for this!

Sommeliers need to become customer-centric, by that, what I mean is, the satisfaction of customer should be the top priority. Effectiveness and efficiency both should go hand in hand. Deliver meaningful experiences, increase loyalty and retention. Holistic and intuitive experiences will help increase the interaction with the guests. Unfortunately, ‘one size fits most’ does not work in the digital era and so personalization is one important factor. Sommeliers now can make feel customers personally recognized through interaction on mobile, social media etc. It is important to know the name of the regulars, purchase history which will help you recommend drinks. Complimentary Wi-Fi, if possible, needs to be provided. This will help guests post their live stories and share, which will in turn help, brand sommeliers and their restaurants. An app for feedback will enhance the guest experience. Knowing their personal experience through feedback makes them valued and helps sommeliers build better experience each day. Online reviews are must, as the majority of us, these days do look at the reviews before entering a new place.

Other technological ways are to support a variety of users and channels.  Digital communications channels will help support diverse demographics and requirements. Seamless transitions from chat to voice calls to video calls will increase customer footfalls.

The path to exceeding expectations is by monitoring your social media mentions to know broadly, who your guests are and their interests.

‘Opportunities don’t happen. You create them’, Chris Grosser.

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