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Pinot and Perfect Potato Gnocchi

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27/12/2018 Perfectly crafted and mouthwatering potato gnocchi to pair with a nice pinot.

Gnocchi is not for everyone. One bad experience with overworked, cloy or starchy gnocchi and you can quickly lose faith. Perfectly crafted gnocchi starts with the right potato - Russet potato. Its optimal starch content welcomes a rich, pillowy, melt in your mouth morsel.

My fundamental ingredients are fresh free ranges eggs with dense yellow yolks, ricotta and tipo “00”. Gnocchi can be frozen, ready to wow at the drop of a hat. I served mine here with seasonal spring veg medley of Brussels sprout leaves, peas, asparagus, nasturtiums, fried sage and pine nuts. White or red wine, you can pair as you wish. I would err on the side of light and aromatic style and today mine was a gorgeous Willamette Valley, Oregon pinot noir. The delicate, perfumed and acid- driven style of this cool climate pinot noir made for a handsome pairing. My last advice is to always source your veg in season and as locally as possible to ensure fresh, cheaper and healthier meals, every time. 

About the Author

Timothy NeumannTimothy Neumann is an Australian food and wine writer, accredited nutritionist (BHSc) and private chef in Napa Valley California. Tim regularly hosts lunches and dinner events in wine country, proudly utilizing local ingredients and wine and sharing his insight on global cuisine. 

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