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New Platform To Solve ‘Alcohol to go near me’ question

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01/05/2020 Get Drinks Delivered – a new platform that is being launched by Beverage Trade Network which will help consumers discover restaurants that are open for Alcohol to go’ services.

In picture, busy wine bar in Tokyo. Get Drinks Delivered is a global platform that helps bars and restaurants drive their Alcohol to-go sales.

A lot of states have opened their state laws where restaurants can sell unopened bottles with food.

It's very hard to go back on the legislative decisions especially when the whole sector is suffering. We expect this to stay like this for at least 12 months, says Sid Patel, CEO of Beverage Trade Network. State governments are being creative to support the restaurant industry and that is a good thing. As the off-premise sector has had a good run, I strongly believe restaurants will be able to do this for a long time and that is one of the reasons we launched Get Drinks Delivered platform.

With the new platform restaurants will become discoverable when consumers are looking for who can deliver wine, beer or spirits to them. It’s a FREE first-year service for restaurants and a great channel for restaurants to tap into the drinks community. The platform does not take orders from consumers directly which is the best thing, as consumers will call the restaurants and restaurants can also offer their foodservice giving them an opportunity to sell some food and more importantly create new customers for life.

It is focused on creating local awareness and thus helping them retain that brand equity in their neighborhood.

Get Drinks Delivered is now taking registrations from restaurants that offer Alcohol to go service.



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