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Majestic Introduces “Wine Fitting” Service

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05/09/2019 The service has been created to capture the “streaming generation”

UK’s Majestic Wine has launched a wine fitting service in the hopes of introducing wine to Generation Z.

The wine store aims to bring in Generation Z also popularly known as the “streaming generation” by following the footsteps of on-demand television and music giants such as Netflix and Spotify respectively. Majestic plans on providing the same level of personalized recommendations that the afore-mentioned services provide to their customers.

Majestic’s service comes on the heels of UK-based wine certification-&-qualification body Wine & Spirit Education Trust’s (WSET) recent survey of UK-based consumers, which revealed that astonishingly only 12% of buyers claimed to understand a wine list, while 25% buyers claimed that they didn’t know anything about wine. This data is hard-to-digest because wine is the most popular alcoholic drink in the UK, with a whopping 22.1 million bottles consumed every week.

Majestic aims to offer blind wine tasting of 8 different wines to its visitors at all its 180 physical retail stores. The USP of Majestic’s blind wine tasting is that instead of centering their wine tasting on the qualities of grapes or region, as is done traditionally; the tasting will be focused more on the stylistic attributes of the wine in question. Later, based on these tastings, the consumer gets a personalized wine profile based on his/her likes and dislikes.

Majestic’s Managing Director, Joshua Lincoln, talks about how the service will help consumers understand wine better:

“In the fast-moving, experience-based new world of retail, customers are desperate to get their head around wine and do it quickly. We hope to introduce them to new styles, grapes, and regions so they can begin to explore the brilliant bottles that are out there.”

In addition to endowing its visitors with personalized wine profiles, the company will also hand-out one free wine bottle to visitors at the end of the program.

Apart from this service, Majestic will assist shop visitors in learning about wines by classifying drinks based on ‘wine colors’ - with each indicating the flavor profile of wine (e.g. pink for light, fruity reds for aromatic, and blues for fragrant whites).

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